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If you are looking at this post, CONGRATULATIONS! 🎉 You have found your love of your life! We, at Kaepsel, are more than happy to share with you the pointers to note when purchasing your wedding engagement ring. Before you go through the list of wedding ring makers / jewellers we reviewed, you can check out one of our posts on the important tips when buying engagement ring, and also our online shop where we have a wide range of wedding engagement ring boxes for you to compliment with your proposal ring!

There are many customised wedding ring makers out in the market. But which one?

Which are the ring makers that are cheap and yet popular? Fret not, we have identified our top 10 customised wedding ring makers in Singapore that will not force you to rob the bank.

1. Madly Gems

madly gems diamond ring 01
Photo Credits: Madly Gems
madly gems diamond ring 02
Photo Credits: Madly Gems
madly gems diamond ring 03
Photo Credits: Madly Gems

Despite being new in this business, Madly Gems has won the Best Jeweller in Asia by the Luxury Travel Guide Lifestyle Awards, and made it to TallyPress’ Top 10 Artisan Jewellery list. It is by far one of the ideal location to discover the most unique wedding band in Singapore! They are well-known for their bright and colorful ring patterns, which will complement all sorts of outfit.

Made with specially-sourced gems, every piece of their bespoke jewelry are unique and rare. There are no two gemstones that are identical, which adds to the uniqueness of the wedding ring for couples.

2. Jann Paul

jann paul diamond ring 01
Photo Credits: Jann Paul
jann paul diamond ring 02
Photo Credits: Jann Paul
jann paul diamond ring 03
Photo Credits: Jann Paul

One of the most popular customised wedding ring makers in Singapore, Jann Paul Diamonds specialises in bespoke “Super Ideal Cut” diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. What makes them so different from other jewellery makers is that they provide FREE fundamental lessons on diamonds for couples. Not only that, the “diamond specialists” will also work with couples together to select their ideal diamonds by giving useful information such as the 4Cs, light leakages, different scope and more. Customisation of wedding rings / bands designs is also their forte. You can get a 3D ring render of your sparkler first, so that you can make changes to the final design you like before receiving the actual ring.

At Jann Paul, you can be well-assured of their warm service, reasonable prices and of course… the perfect wedding engagement ring / wedding bands for your big day.

3. August Bespoke

Annie Oval Diamond Ring with Draped Pave Band in Yellow Gold August Bespoke
Photo Credits: August Bespoke
Cordelia Emerald Cut Teal Sapphire Vintage Ring with Pave Diamonds in White Gold August Bespoke
Photo Credits: August Bespoke
Lorna Emerald Cut Halo Diamond Ring in Rose Gold August Bespoke
Photo Credits: August Bespoke

August Bespoke is known for helping discerning couples craft the perfect engagement ring. Their focus on Fancy cut diamonds, colored gemstones, and unique ring styles ensures each piece embodies the couple’s unique love story with timeless elegance and effortless style.

For those interested to start this journey, you can join their FREE monthly Masterclass for a deep dive into diamond prices and ring designs as well as a live Q&A session to help you fully understand the ring-selection process. With an established reputation as the only customised jeweller in Singapore with an impeccable 5-star rating on Google, August Bespoke’s warm and welcoming concierge team is ready to provide expert guidance and personalised support in creating a one-of-a-kind, timeless ring.


the canary ring 01
Photo Credits: The Canary Diamond
the canary ring 02
Photo Credits: The Canary Diamond
the canary ring 03
Photo Credits: The Canary Diamond

Founded by a Hong Kong businessman William Lams, he spent his days in the past watching the diamond craftsmen and designers working at his father’s shop. As time passes, he started to develop interest in jewellery industry and hence created his own brand: The Canary Diamond.

In The Canary Diamond, you can request them to create everything that you need, from bespoke wedding rings to any other jewellery you need for your special day. Not to worry if you do not have any ring design background knowledge, you can also choose from their collection of ready-made jewellery.

Oh yes… If you are a fan of gem stones and yellow diamonds, The Canary is your ideal choice!


michael trio ring 01
Photo Credits: Michael Trio
michael trio ring 02
Photo Credits: Michael Trio
michael trio ring 03
Photo Credits: Michael Trio

At Michael Trio, you can create your very own ideal wedding rings and bands. And the best part is… they do not charge extra fees for customisation, HURRAY!!! 🙌🙌

With the rising trend of e-commerce, Michael Trio strategised by implementing their tech-savvy website. You can set your own price range, choose the design and type of materials, and have it delivered right to your doorstep. If you are the one who prefers to see the actual diamonds, you can always drop by their outlet. Located near Tanjong Pagar MRT station, you can check out their featured designs by celebrities and bloggers.


ling jewellery ring 01
Photo Credits: Ling Jewellery
ling jewellery ring 02
Photo Credits: Ling Jewellery
ling jewellery ring 03
Photo Credits: Ling Jewellery

The Jewellers in Ling Jewellery provide excellent services and fine craftsmanship, constantly keeping up the pace with the latest trends when handcrafting precious gems and metals. They are specialised in customising engagement rings, wedding band rings and jewellery set. With their timeless styles, your wedding band will be absolutely gorgeous, like the everlasting love between you and your future wife-to-be.


ARTEMIS ring 01
Photo Credits: Artemis Rings
ARTEMIS ring 02
Photo Credits: Artemis Rings
ARTEMIS ring 03
Photo Credits: Artemis Rings

If you have googled or heard of Fairy’s Inc., you will find out that it had closed down since December 2018. However, the co-founders decided to embark on their separate journey, and hence Artemis Rings is founded.

Following Fairy’s Inc.’s tradition known for their intricate and whimsical bespoke designs, Artemis Rings co-founder Sandra believes in weaving light, love, and personal stories into their jewellery sets. Working closely with couples to weave their love story into the ring, Artemis Rings promises to provide the best for couples.


venus tears ring 01
Photo Credits: Venus Tears
venus tears ring 02
Photo Credits: Venus Tears
venus tears ring 03
Photo Credits: Venus Tears

Inspired from Japan, Venus Tears carries a wide selection of engagement rings as well as wedding bands in dainty, princess-like designs. The jewellers in Venus Tears promise that their products are top-notch with “Made-in-Japan” quality.

Not only they provide lifetime after-sales services, their rings are also overwhelmingly affordable. Definitely one of the ideal place if you are the one with budget constraints.

9. Gioia Fine Jewellery

gioia ring 01
Photo Credits: Gioia FIne Jewellery
gioia ring 02
Photo Credits: Gioia FIne Jewellery
gioia ring 03
Photo Credits: Gioia FIne Jewellery

Likewise with other jewellers, Gioia also offers private consultations with no obligations so that you can decide what type of rings are best for you or your partner, be it gemstones or diamonds. They carry bespoke rings designs from popular gemstones (for instance sapphire, emerald, ruby and even paraiba tourmaline) to diamond ones.


Situated at a remote industrial estate in Toa Payoh, Felice Jewellery, founded in 1996, provides the best services at an affordable price! You might be wondering… there is no online marketing, no website and not much reviews. (They have an Instagram account though.) Is this reliable?

Well, this customised wedding ring makers get their reputation through word of mouth recommendations as they believe that they can give the best deals in town. In fact, they are actually one of the main product manufacturers for major players such as Citigems and Soo Kee for the past many years. Kudos to them!

They can craft out any kind of designs you want. All you have to do is to provide them with the pictures or drawings and they can do it for you. 👍👍


We hope that you can find this list of customised wedding ring makers useful for your quest to finding your perfect wedding proposal ring. It is important for you to start doing researches on which are the areas to look at. You can check out our K-Blog, where we will be sharing tips on everything you need prior to your big day!

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