The COVID-19 pandemic has brought fear to the world and many countries, including Singapore, imposed travel restrictions in order to minimise the spread of the deadly virus. If you are intending to do a marriage proposal overseas and was impacted by this, you have come to the right place!

Although Singapore is just a “small red dot” with a small land size of 724.2km² (according to, you will be amazed that there are many places for you to do your wedding proposal. Whether you want to plan for a simple and private proposal; or splurge all out to have a memorable and unforgettable day for your future wife-to-be, here are some ideas to help you start planning for it to convince her to say “YES, I DO!”.

But before that, perhaps you can take a look at our top 8 best selling engagement ring boxes and 8 Unique Wedding Proposal ideas to make her say “YES” to make your wedding proposal the most memorable day! Check it out!

1. Marina Barrage

wedding proposal at Marina Barrage
Photo Credits: OneThreeOneFour

The only location in the city where you can see the Singapore’s Central Business District buildings skyline, Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay, this is the perfect place for your wedding proposal and taking celebratory photographs with the beautiful backdrop of the Singapore city skyline and even fireworks displays on special days like our National Day!

If you have seen our other post about proposal ideas, you can actually consider using a drone (or hire a drone operator to help you) to take beautiful shots (or even videos) of the whole event in the heart of Singapore!

2. Nox – Dine in the Dark

If you want to make the wedding proposal an unforgettable experience, try to propose to your partner in the dark! Yes, we know… just remember try not to lose the ring when popping up the question!

You and your partner will enter a room that is in complete darkness, with your vision obscured. And for the food menu, it will be “a mystery set menu crafted from the finest ingredients by our head chef and his team” (as quoted from their website). Pair with a wide range of wine and cocktail drinks and your meal will be complete. Wait for the golden opportunity to make your proposal speech and then slide the ring on her finger.

If you think that the idea of proposing in complete darkness doesn’t suits your taste, there will be a dimly lit bar where you can hang around after an unusual and exciting experience together.

3. Capitaspring Green Oasis & Sky Garden (NEW!!)

Photo Credits: Channel News Asia

If you and your loved one loves nature, swing by CapitaSpring’s botanical promenade that’s is located 100 metres above ground. The Green Oasis is an airy space that takes up levels 17 to 20 of the skyscraper. This spans 35M in height, which is roughly 10 storeys of an average HDB flat.

That’s not all. The Sky Garden, located on the 51st floor, is the key highlight! The observatory deck offers panoramic views of the whole CBD area, all the way to Marina Bay. Proposing your loved at this unbeatable view at the observatory deck offering 360-degree scenic views, it’s just simply romantic! And the best part is… IT’S FREE!!!

4. Jewel Changi Airport

Officially opened last year, this 1.25 billion USD (approximately 1.7 billion SGD) architectural marvel at the world’s best airport is indeed one of the “most Instagram-Worthy” place in the world.

There are too many areas in Jewel where you can do your wedding proposal, from Shiseido Forest Valley and Canopy Bridge, to Topiary Walk and the infamous HSBC Rain Vortex. You will be spoilt for choices.

However, do take note that the place will be filled with many tourists as well as air-travelers from all over the world. So be prepared to choose the ideal time where there will not be much crowd.

In my opinion, I would think that the best location to do your wedding proposal will be at the iconic HSBC Rain Vortex. The world’s tallest indoor waterfall is the grand masterpiece of Jewel, surrounded by the lush green forestry. Perfect moment for your wedding proposal!

5. Andsoforth (NEW!!)

Photo Credits: Andsoforth

If you are looking to propose in a restaurant, this is the one you should consider. This pop-up themed restaurant is a brand new concept of dining experience. Spend a night escaping into a magical world with them and you’ll never be bored, thanks to the interactive surprises and non-stop entertainment you’re treated to.

The food menu is also made specially for each experience, so you’re in for a new gastronomic experience with each edition. Truly a magical wedding proposal!

6. Jurong Lake Gardens

Photo Credits: Channel News Asia

This 90-hectare garden is Singapore’s new national gardens in the heartlands of Jurong. It is also one of the largest park in Singapore, with many beautiful landscapes that you can plan for your big day.

Personally, we think that the Grasslands is the most romantic area. This huge Lalang field creates the dreamy and romantic scenes that is perfect for you to kneel down and ask the question. There is a striking lone tree (the new instagram tree after the one in Seletar Reservoir), which also makes the perfect dreamy backdrop.

The best time to visit there is definitely during the evening as the setting golden sun provides a soft touch to images with warmth and nostalgia. (Remember to try to wear long skirts and long pants to avoid getting scratched by the prickly grass!)

7. Gardens by the Bay

I believe most of us have visited Gardens By The Bay when we feel a little touristy, or predominantly during the Christmas season. But have you ever thought of proposing to your partner at this iconic attraction of Singapore?

One of the potential places to conduct the proposal is at the Flower Dome. You can also take her up onto the Skywalk, surrounded by towering super-tree groves, for a romantic walk and ask for your partner’s hand in marriage? With these stunning views (especially during the night when the place lit up), this will be a picture perfect proposal.

8. Hort Park

Photo Credits: Zula

Hort Park is a popular spot for wedding proposal. We have identified two alternatives within the compound that would get her to say “I do”.

Hort Lawn is quiet enough with minimal disruptions for an intimate proposal surprise. You are required to apply for a permit, which can be booked via their website, if you wish to use the location. Not bad for an outdoor wedding dinner too, we think.

The other location is right next to the MPH (multi-purpose hall) parked next to the HortLawn. This indoor garden has a soft, Victorian vibe which is great for the shy couple who wishes to have some private time together.

9. Hotel Staycation

Photo Credits: Yahoo Lifestyle

Well… this is no-brainer. Although this is one of the most common proposal location, you can actually spice up the wedding proposal by choosing the ideal hotel with nice ambiance and awesome scenery view paired with our proposal idea (Check out the link here!).

From well-known 5-star hotels (Marina Bay Sands and W Hotel) to budget boutique hotels (Lloyd’s Inn) and hotel with panoramic view of an aircraft runway (Crowne Plaza), there are many choices for you to choose from. Most importantly, choose those that is within your comfort zone.

Looking for an ideal hotel?

You can check out our post “10 Spectacular Singapore Hotels for a Romantic Wedding Proposal” as we share our views on these recommended hotel ambience as well as their highlight spot for your wedding proposal setup.

10. ArtScience Museum

Wedding proposal in an art exhibition? Why not! ArtScience Museum is the perfect place for you! The ArtScience Museum have several exhibitions that change every few months. So, do check out their exhibitions to find out what are the highlights of the exhibition and decide which one would be perfect for your proposal.

Future World: Where Art Meets Science is one of the permanent exhibitions at the ArtScience Museum. The installation changes over time in order to keep the exhibition fresh and relevant. Most of the installations are breathtaking, making any one of them the perfect backdrop to a magical wedding proposal. What I love the most is the Crystal Universe. This celestial crystal installation has a blanket of twinkling lights (170,000 LED lights to be specific) hanging from the ceiling, giving one the impression that they are floating in the cosmos.

*Warning!* This area can get really crowded so you need to be patient if you want a good shot of your wedding proposal. So, it is best if you can stand by a few cameras to capture your “once-in-a-lifetime” moment.

11. Singapore Flyer

Standing tall at 165 meter, the Singapore Flyer is Asia’s Largest Giant Observation Wheel. It was launched in 2008 and has been a feature in the city skyline since then. A proposal in the skies will be sure to take your partner’s breath away. You can have a gorgeous view of Singapore city’s landscape at 165 metres above the ground as your backdrop to complete the experience.

If you have a budget (approximately $350 budget), you can have a romantic dinner here! The Premium Sky Dining Flight comes with a 4-course meal (you get to choose between Western, Chinese and Vegetarian), an in-flight host and of course the magnificent city skyline! However, the whole dinner last for an hour (2 rotations) and you’ll have to share the capsule with several other couples.

If you prefer to keep the proposal private and wish to book an entire capsule, be prepared to pay a cool $2,100! While the menu provided is similar to the one provided in Premium Sky Dining Flight, you do get a bottle of Champagne and a bouquet of roses! Although it is a pricier option, it will certainly impress your partner, and it will be a wonderful memory to keep for a lifetime.

We recommend you book a few weeks in advance especially if you’re planning to propose on a special occasion such as Valentine’s Day.

12. Cable Car Sky Dining

Photo Credits: Aspirantsg

Launched by Faber Peak, the Cable Car Sky Dining is an “once-in-a-lifetime” experience. This 2-hour cable car ride makes 3 rounds between Mount Faber, HarbourFront and Sentosa. The 4-course dinner meal is priced at $300 and it starts from 6.00pm evening.

We would recommend that you book the cabin at least a few weeks in advance to secure a capsule for your special day.

13. Haji Lane / Arab Street

Photo Credits: Kosublog

Formerly known as the Muslim Quarter, Haji Lane has now transformed to one of Singapore’s hipsy and trendy neighbourhood for youngsters. It is a quirky and vibrant street with fusion cafes and restaurants, eclectic shops, and interesting concept boutiques that will fancy you and your partner!

Perfect for Instagram-Worthy shots, the Haji Lane wall murals run all the way up and down the famous Singapore street. If your partner is an artsy person, this place is perfect for your wedding proposal! She will be guaranteed to fall in love with at least a couple of the wall murals over there.

14. Singapore Science Centre

If you are keen on doing something different, how about proposing under the stars? The Science Centre Observatory (SCOB) is one of a few in the world that’s located along the Equator.

You can keep her distracted by letting her to view the stars and constellations under the telescope, while preparing your proposal script (and your engagement ring of course!). By the time she has finished viewing, you will be right behind her, kneeling on one knee and asking her “the question”. Beside this method, you can also opt to propose in the starry setting of their Digital Planetarium.

The Observatory opens every Friday from 7.45pm to 10.00pm (except on public holidays). There are 3 programme packages for you to choose from, and each talk or planetarium show will be followed by a guided stargazing session (if weather permits). The programme runs for approximately 30 minutes. Oh yes! Do check The Observatory’s Facebook page for weather updates on the stargazing sessions.

Here comes the best part… The admission for stargazing session is FREE! It is by far one of the most unique wedding proposal we ever come across!

15. Schools

Photo Credits: WanderLuxe

Where do you first know your love of your life? If you know each other since school days, you can consider proposing to her there.

Proposing to your loved ones at that very school you first met is one of the most romantic moment as it brings back fond memories of days during schooling. Furthermore, doing wedding proposal preparation is also relatively easy (and also low budget!). All you need is a group of close friends and family members to help you with signs and props, the perfect spot, and your proposal speech. We would recommend you to do it during the school holidays if you want to do it in private.

#throwback #tbt #oldschooldays

16. S.E.A. Aquarium

Photo Credits: S.E.A. Aquarium

Imagine yourself going down on one knee and ask for her hand, with all the colourful fishes, corals and majestic sea creatures as your proposal backdrop. It’s no doubt that S.E.A Aquarium is able to set a romantic mood with its huge tank filled with aquatic creatures.

There are several ways that you can choose to propose:

  • Propose at the oceanarium itself. Simple, but yet romantic.
  • Propose at the Ocean Restaurant, where you’ll be getting a front-row seat to this aquatic habitat of over 100,000 marine animals. Their menu is curated using sustainable sourced seafood and local seafood produce. Surprise your loved one with the wedding proposal after the meal.
  • Propose at the Ocean Suite. It is designed like a deluxe two storey unit offering guests with the best of both land and sea. The upper level consists of an open living area leading onto an outdoor patio and Jacuzzi whilst the lower level is an underwater view of marine fishes in the comfort and privacy of their own suite. Decorate the lower level with flower petals and props to surprise her.
  • Propose at the Ocean Dreams. (We love the most!) You and your loved one will be spending your romantic night in a tent at the Open Ocean Gallery with countless marine animals gliding by, followed by a few night activities to keep both of you occupied. You can plan ahead by asking the staff to see if they can help to decorate your tent inside with props and flower petals while both of you are going through the night activities. Let the surprise begin when she returns back to the tent!

Marine life lover or not, there’s something mesmerizing about watching marine animals swim by. And certainly, proposing here will be surreal experience, with the graceful manta rays, shoals of fish and zebra sharks as your witnesses.

17. Yacht Trip

Photo Credits: Awesome Memories

If budget is not an issue and you want the wedding proposal that will blow the socks off your future wife-to-be, perhaps renting a private yacht might just be the perfect option for you.

Simply prepare a dinner and set sail out to the open sea! The calm blue sea and bright blue sky create the romantic backdrop for your wedding proposal! You can even invite your families and friends along to witness the joyous occasion.

Singapore has a number of companies that rent out private yachts, like Yacht Rental by Singexperience and Marina at Keppel Bay. Price can vary, depending on the type of yacht you choose, the duration you want to set sail and the destination or sailing path you want to sail to.


We hope these places in Singapore helps in your quest to planning your perfect wedding proposal.

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