We are pleased to announce that we have established our collaboration with Éternelle Fleur.

Éternelle Fleur started out as a humble online shop selling flower bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres. What makes them different from the rest is their effort and determination in making the most unique flower designs for their customers. Each of their product are hand-made with love.

This collaboration doesn’t just signify Kaepsel’s endorsement of Éternelle Fleur, it also justifies the alignment in what both of us believe in: “Creating one-of-a-kind memorable experiences for love couples”. The team at Kaepsel finds utmost satisfaction in helping couples to create the most unique wedding ring boxes for wedding couples.

Check out our newest products here at Kaepsel, or visit Éternelle Fleur’s Carousell Page for their range of flower designs and ring boxes!

Éternelle Fleur on Carousell
Shop at Carousell

In Kaepsel, not only we provide the best ideal engagement / wedding proposal ring boxes, we also provide service excellence for our customers, as well as our clienteles. Shop now at Kaepsel, your one-stop shopping place for all your wedding needs!

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