Over the past few weeks, a lot of our customers have been sharing with us that one of our ring box design, “Sven Bäk”, was featured in a Music Video (MV) produced by Singapore’s homegrown multi-talented JJ Lin Jun Jie (林俊杰). First and foremost, we would like to highlight and clarify that there is NO collaboration between Kaepsel and Warner Music Group / JFJ Productions! (“Although we wish to collaborate 😜) Nonetheless, it is nice to see this simple and beautiful piece of proposal ring box “Sven Bäk” being showcased in the video.

In case you have not watch it yet, this is JJ Lin’s latest MV《對的時間點 The Right Time》.

Video Credit: YouTube & JFJ Productions

In this MV, JJ Lin played a role as an airport staff working in Lost & Found Office at Jewel, Singapore’s latest iconic building. Christopher Lee (李铭顺), Singapore’s infamous “大哥大” (Big brother in Chinese), starred in this MV as a man who approached JJ Lin to search for his missing wedding engagement ring.

Photo Credit: YouTube & JFJ Productions

Knowing the importance of the ring, JJ Lin did his best and was able to retrieve the ring and pass it back to Christopher Lee. The two smiles across the waterfall, and the warmth of grief reveals the significance of the airport as an intersection of life.

Photo Credit: YouTube & JFJ Productions

Kudos to JJ Lin! 🙌🙌


Although this is just an MV and we are not the main focus in the MV, we are still glad and grateful that we have this gorgeous piece in our ring box collection. Just for this “special” occasion, we will be selling our Sven Bäk at special price of $10.00, a whopping 33% OFF! (Retail Price $15.00)

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